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NC vacation rentals

Every year, millions of people travel to their favorite location for a fun vacation with family and friends. Third party sites like and have become huge players in the vacation rental industry...

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October is the hidden gem of beach vacation months. With the summer crowds gone and the weather still warm, it's the perfect time to embrace coastal tranquility.

Secure your long-awaited beach getaway to the North Carolina Coast! Take action now to reserve your desired summer dates from our remaining inventory, now with the option of a shorter night stay!

Landmark Vacation Rentals continuously adds to our rental collection to provide our guests with a wide variety of property sizes and amenities. Check out these incredible new additions!

Check out local events happening in Topsail Beach, Surf City and surrounding areas.

When you find yourself on that much-needed beach getaway and the weather is less than ideal, don’t fret! There are plenty of fun things to do around the Topsail Beach/Surf City area. Check out our favorite rainy day activities on and off of the island.

You’ve officially booked your vacation with us. Now, what’s included? Our properties do vary among certain amenities - some come with in-house movie theaters, a game room, electric bikes, a private pool, a dock, hot tub, etc. We’ve highlighted a few complimentary amenities that all of our rentals include.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start planning your spring break vacation! What better place to stay than on Topsail Island? Located in Surf City, North Topsail Beach and Topsail Beach, our growing list of vacation rentals continue to offer an expansive variety of bedrooms, amenities, and views.