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The following are some suggested troubleshooting tips for issues regarding hot tubs, elevators and non-emergency related issues. We kindly ask that you make a reasonable effort to troubleshoot all minor maintenance issues prior to contacting our office. If you are unable to fix the issue, please send an email and our team and we will address it based on the nature of the call.

Hot Tub Troubleshooting 

Protection Mode Error: If the spa goes into “Protection Mode” or a similar error notification appears on the display screen, please be sure that there isn’t anything/anyone blocking the water flow to the filter. If the filter intake is blocked, the spa will lock itself. Then turn off both hot tub breakers and turn them back on. This should reset the error.

Cold water temperature: If the water temperature drops and becomes cold, turn off both breakers next to the hot tub and turn them back on. If there is not a breaker box outside by the hot tub, you will need to reset it from the breaker box inside the house.

Jets not working: Some hot tub’s jets need to be manually rotated in order for them to function properly. All the jets rotate to turn them on/off. There is one large jet that rotates to turn on each section/seat.

Elevator Reference Guide

Basic Operating Steps:

  1. Press the ‘call’ button to your floor. The elevator will arrive automatically at the landing.

  2. When the elevator reaches your stop, you will hear a ‘click’ sound. 

  3. Do not open the landing door prior to hearing this sound. 

  4. Open the landing door after making sure the elevator is at floor level and turn on the cab light if it does not turn on automatically.

  5. Close landing door securely.

  6. Close car gate securely and push desired floor button.

  7. Once the elevator has stopped at the selected floor, wait for the ‘click’ then open the car gate and landing door, then step out.

  8. Turn off the car light (if not automatic) and close the car gate and landing door behind you. Doing so makes the elevator ready for others to use.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Check the breaker panel(s) in the house to confirm the main breaker(s) to the elevator have not tripped.
  • Check to confirm the emergency stop switch (or button) in the elevator is in the run position.
  • Check to confirm the interior gate/according doors are securely closed at all landings.
  • If a gate was left open and the exterior door was shut, this will cause all exterior landing doors to lock. If this happens, guest should go to the basement floor, press the ‘call’ button and wait, if the elevator comes, open door and pull the gate shut. If the elevator doesn’t come after pressing the call button, go to Floor 1. Repeat. Go to Floor 2. Repeat. Go to Floor 3 and repeat until you find the elevator.
  • Check to confirm the landing doors at all landings are securely closed.
  • If your elevator is equipped with a key or lockout switch, be sure the key or switch is “ON.”

Non-emergency Maintenance Issues

  • Lock Out - If you cannot get your door code to work, please call the office. If no lights are flashing and no sound is made when the buttons are pressed, the batteries are dead. Our team will help you with this. If the lights are flashing and you hear beeping when the buttons are pressed, be sure you are entering the code correctly. When you get a green flash, you will need to turn the thumb latch to unlock the lock. 

  • Electrical Issues (i.e. non-functioning lights or outlets in an entire area) first, locate the breaker panel. The circuit breaker panel is typically in an accessible, reachable, conspicuous area of the property. See if any breakers are tripped and attempt to reset them.  If outlets are not working, please attempt to reset the GFCI outlet first. A loss of power to the entire house may be an emergency. If you see that the entire neighborhood is without power, it may be a wide-spread outage. If it is just your house, please call our office. 

  • Low Water Pressure - Low water pressure in the summer during peak usage times is a known issue for North Topsail Beach. The city is aware of the issue, but there are no resolutions at this time. To help with water pressure, try to avoid showering during peak times such as late afternoon/early evening when many people are coming back in from the beach. Avoid running dishwashers and/or washing machines at the same time as guests are showering, and limit the number of people using multiple showers at one time. 

  • Appliance Malfunction - Non-functioning dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, or other appliances are not considered emergencies, with the exception of the refrigerator. A tripped breaker is typically the cause, please locate the breaker panel and check the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker panel is typically in an accessible, reachable, conspicuous area of the property. If the refrigrator is not cooling, please call us. Please be aware that after the refrigerator is loaded with your food/drinks that have been at ambient room tempearture upon your arrival, it is normal for the refrigerator temperature to rise. It can take several hours for the temperature to return to normal. 

  • Elevator not opening/running - this is only considered an emergency if it is a medical necessity. This usually occurs when the interior accordian door has not been closed. If the interior door is not closed, the elevator will not move between floors. To fix this, please press the "Call" button on each floor until the exterior door unlocks, then open the exterior door and shut the interior door. If both doors are closed and the elevator will not run, please ensure the "Stop" button on the inside of the elevator did not become engaged. 

  • Clogged Toilet - There should be a plunger located in each property typically found under one of the bathroom sinks or beside a toilet. A clogged toilet is not considered an emergency. We ask that you use a plunger to attempt to clear the clog. If you are unable to unclog the toilet, please turn off the valve behind the toilet, shut the lid, and clean up any mess. Please use a different toilet until we are able to get a plumber in the next business day.

  • Internet and cable delays/outages - If the cable box is located inside a cabinet or drawer, we advise you to open it to get a better connection. For trouble connecting to the internet, please try to reset the modem and router by unplugging the power cord to each, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging them back in. Please double-check that you have entered the correct Wi-Fi information into your device before contacting us. Wi-Fi network/password can be found in both the guest portal app as well as on the kitchen counter display.

For after-hours emergencies or maintenance issues such as a major water leak or no water to the house, broken gas line or gas leak, non-functioning air conditioning or heat, broken refrigerator, or a complete power outage, please contact our team at (910) 928-0055 for assistance. A team member is on call to monitor voicemails and emails received outside of normal business hours and respond accordingly based on the nature of the emergency.

For non-urgent maintenance needs, please contact our office the next business day via phone or email.

Our team makes every effort to resolve maintenance issues as quickly and smoothly as possible. Some maintenance requests cannot be resolved in 24 hours but we will do our best to make you comfortable, and we will keep you informed of what is going on every step of the way!