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10 Apr 2023
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Every year, millions of people travel to their favorite location for a fun vacation with family and friends. Third party sites like and have become huge players in the vacation rental industry, and many of us have grown accustomed to booking on these sites. However, there are many benefits to booking directly with a vacation rental company, and we want to explain these advantages!

Better Rental Rates:  

Booking directly with the vacation rental site can often result in better rates. This is because there are no additional fees or commissions charged by third-party booking platforms, which can definitely add up depending on your length of stay. 

Direct Communication with the Host: 

When booking directly on a vacation rental site, you have direct communication with the host or property manager. This can be helpful for asking questions, making special requests, or getting insider information about the area. If the vacation rental company has been around for years, they can be an expert resource for questions so you are able to plan the ultimate getaway. 

Accurate Listing Information:  

Vacation rental sites require hosts to provide detailed information about their properties, including photos, amenities, and house rules. Booking directly on the site ensures that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information. These sites often include guest policies, area guides, and other helpful information that is not always accessible on third-party booking sites. 

More Trip Flexibility: 

Many vacation rental sites offer more flexible cancellation policies than third-party booking platforms. This can be particularly important if you have to change your travel plans unexpectedly. 

Discounts, Loyalty Programs, and Rewards:  

Some vacation rental sites offer loyalty programs or rewards for booking directly through their platform. You may even be able to find a discount code for booking direct or during an offer period. These programs can include discounts on future bookings or other perks. Some sites also have special promos for military, first responders, teachers, and healthcare workers. Reach out to the vacation rental company to see what they are currently offering! 

Overall, booking directly on a vacation rental site can provide greater transparency, better rates, and more flexibility, making it a great option for travelers. If you're looking to plan a coastal getaway in the beautiful NC beaches, be sure to check out our available vacation rentals on Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach!